Privacy Commitment

Personal information

When creating your account, you will need to enter some personal data. We only collect Personal Information necessary to achieve the following purposes:

  • verify identity;
  • validation of registration by your childcare service;
  • identify your preferences;
  • open and manage an account;
  • ensure that you receive a high level of service;
  • meet regulatory requirements;
  • Other legal reasons applicable to the products and services requested.

Following is the data we are collecting:

  • Your photo : Visible by the childcare service, to help them validate your identity.
  • Your First Name and Last Name: Visible to the childcare service, to help them validate your identity.
  • Mobile phone number: Allows identity verification by the HopHop team.
  • Email: Identifier linked to your account.
  • First and last names of your children: Visible by the daycare service, to call your children.
  • Photo of your children: (optional depending on the center) Visible by the daycare service, to call your children.

When using our application, your expected time of arrival at the daycare service is data collected and stored. This information allows the childcare service to inform your children a few minutes before your arrival so that they can prepare for school departure. This time can be entered manually in the app or using GPS location data from your mobile phone. If you choose to use GPS location to calculate your expected arrival time at your children’s school daycare, this data is collected and stored. However, you must voluntarily activate this function in the application and in the settings of your mobile phone for it to be collected.

When you use the “Comment” function in the mobile application menu, data related to the device you are using is collected (e.g. the type of mobile device you are using, a unique identifier (UUID) of your device mobile phone, the IP address of your mobile phone, your mobile operating system, the type of mobile Internet browser used, etc.). This data is only used for customer service and improvement of our software application.

The data collected is used only for purposes related to the operation of the software application, customer service and improvement of the application. Click here for full details of our Privacy Policy.

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